Venice Biennale

Cat Artist Visiting the Venice Biennale.

Hello, thank you for visiting my site. I call myself a Cat Artist. To introduce myself to the people who don’t know me, I am writing my visit to the biennale from my cat sight. This is my writing from a holiday visit so please don’t expect a serious review. I hope you enjoy!

Listening rather cynical critics about the event from different people, I had never visited such a famous one during my 12 years living in Europe and engaging in art. I tell you that I should believe only what I see and experience by myself, I indeed enjoyed my first visit!

Here I picked up some artworks I was particularly attracted to.

The first artist is Dirk Braeckman. Welcome to the dirk world…

The huge bright space was excellent with the big dirk photographs. I was so excited to find all the contrast of the space and subtleness in the photography as well as what was photographed in each blackish rectangles.

20170623_2357_contrast++_size25 copy
Second honored artist is Abdullah Al Saadi.

Hella, this is his diary!?  His works reminded me how I started making art. I like contemporary art however, never hoped to “fit” in it and loose my originality. This encouraged me to make art, that is not typical contemporary art but just something from my heart.

Next one is Hajra Waheed. The works are about a story of migration on what she based her research. Her interest comes from her memories of growing up under constraining circumstances…

Being a house cat, I totally understand!

I saw the warm lights in her small dark works. Although I don’t know what were the difficulties this artist has experienced, at least, she saw the hope shining in the sky. Love this! I want to congratulate her♥

My small cat heart is ding-ding.
What’s next?
I was happy to find my favorite artist’s work: Kiki Smith!

She is an experienced artists who has been exhibited and written about by gorgeous places and people. So the cat has nothing to add. But I proudly inform you. She painted (drew?) on my favorite material: glass! Who said that I have to paint on paper or tissue!!!!!!!?

Material is matter. Oh yeah!
Cat was so happy♪
What’s next???

…Then, I found a work it’s description is very similar to mine… I had already seen his works in London. At the time, I just thought his interest looks similar to mine. But this time, some vocabularies in his statement were the same…

I know sometimes, artists make similar works without knowing each other. I don’t know why about this case but I spend a lot of time writing concept of my works. Cat’s delicate heart was a little disappointed to see this.
This reminded me of my stressful life in London. The cloud flies to Venice… Oh come on…

Anyway, curators should have a good awareness not to accept those artists who are lazy student level of copy and paste or just rephrasing someone’s writing instead of talking about his works with his brilliant own words.

Just melt it! Let’s go next.
20170624_2308_size25 copy
!!! I repeat you. “…What can go wrong”???

20170624_2317_darker_contrast-_size25 copy
“Guided Shopping Tour for Extraterrestrials at Champs-Elysees, Paris”
Absolutely wrong! Absolutely!!! (I hope this artist is not a racist…)

There were some more interesting works but I need to write you something else now…

If you visit the Biennale, I want you to try “Coffee Cream”.
You know the thing that is turning in the machine and looks delicious.

Because I tried to buy it three times in different coffee shops at the biennale sites and the waiters didn’t sell it to me. They tried to sell another coffee ice cream (the one that is ridiculously expensive).

Although I don’t know why they didn’t sell the Coffee Cream to me.

I don’t like those racists who thinks Japanese people are quiet and easy to take more money from, so when something doubtful happen, I resist. Usually it works but unfortunately, this one was not the case.

Someone, please complete my mission of coffee cream♥

In addition, for the honor of Italian people I met there, I will write you, of course, not all of them are racists.

I always don’t know why, they were rather friendly to me♪

 “We don’t accept card. It’s ok! :)
“Oh yeah! :3” (…FREE?)

 “You’ve already paid the city tax! :)
“Oh yeah! :3” (…I haven’t………local price???)

 “Do you want to go to the beach? It’s this way. Let’s go! :3”
“Oh yeah!!! :3” (…I found a local guide…!?)
20170625_2271_size25 copy
Haha, thank you for reading♥
If anyone accomplished my coffee cream mission, please share by #CoffeeCreamVB @hitomikammai on Facebook or Instagram.

By cat artist
26 August 2017