Hitomi by Philippe, Alice & Maya

4th edition Salon Art Shopping – 6 and June 7, 2009 – Carrousel du Louvre.
The Japanese artist Hitomi Kammai & poet Philippe Barbier
From “Bulletin des Amis d’Europoesie” 

“See through the eyes of the mind! In art, I like what speaks to me, what is close to the best of my tastes. The work of the Japanese artist Hitomi Kammai corresponds to what I like most in artistic work, the surprising side. Indeed, her surrealist paintings with their accents of Buddhist philosophy, her sculptures with their scientific touches, her contemporary art creates a certain altered reality which we can see as bringing to view a hidden truth.

I can best convey Hitomi’s intention in her own words:”I’d like my works to make people explore the universe of the artificial and discover the poetry in science and philosophy. Within these interests, I have tried to show different notions of time and suggest eternity.” A troubling metaphysical link, we seem to be in a different dimension when Hitomi explains her analysis to us…”

Philippe Barbier poet and Vice-President of Europoesie

“Hitomi reflects on the destructive consequences caused by human brutality and how life is an alternation of lights and shadows. Through her sculptural paintings, she has physically shaped this succession, influenced by Buddhist philosophy where everything is linked and connected. The influence of the Abstract Expressionism and Jackson Pollock’s dripping technique culminate into dynamism of a new creation, resembling moon craters caused by regularly meteorites bombing.”

Alice Tegazi
ArtRooms 2017 – Curator

Melted Down Painting – Moon Melted Down Painting - Moon by Hitomi Kammai

“Circle & Spiral caught my eye…the figure ascending the steps to the next level of their life, looking a little older each time but keeping on going, struck me.  It was at a time of overwhelming transition in my life – I had been making lots of decisions and I felt I was at a turning point in my life.  I liked the idea of constants in my life, that I could always see, that would always be there whatever set of steps I was on. I also liked that the steps kept going, there wasn’t an end – it inspired me, I remember feeling comforted about the unknowns in life’s great journey.  I experience a sense of peacefulness looking at it.”

Maya Cooray

Circle & Spiral