Limited edition prints

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

20m From Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Girl 1955 – print

Her Girl prints come from Hitomi’s experience in childhood of visiting a photography exhibition in Hiroshima.

The drawing looks like there is only a shadow, its owner being absent.
The image indeed represents a light as an extreme power of nuclear explosion and a shadow the dust from burnt child.

Crater Paintings

These melted paintings indicate the fragility of a peaceful flat state, nowadays, because of pollution, terror, political decisions or economic crisis, there are little ground where our security is assured. They also show the dynamism of creation through the melting of Jackson Pollock’s paintings.


Memories of the Planet

Hitomi’s fragments from the planet are the result of her alchemical attempts to cope with human disasters after the nuclear plant explosion in Japan.

The whole process of melting obstacles, filling paint into the craters or scratches, then digging them out, results her in being an archaeologist who discovers traces of resistance.


First half part of my 3 minutes video “ecstasy”.

It is about a story of encounter, desire and love.
After eating an apple from the forbidden tree, Eve was banished from the garden and into this world because she had acquired wisdom.
She smells the rose and falls into a dream of ecstasy.

To show ecstasy in Eve’s head in the video, I decided to show estrogen and progesterone, electric association of hormones that make the feeling of ecstasy in the mind.